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 This is me

Feel free to drop me a line and say hi.

Hi I'm Alastair thanks for stopping by. I am a photographer based here in Aberdeen, Scotland, a country in which I love living having moved here over 10 years ago.

Self taught I spent many years learning my craft becoming a full time photographer in 2011. Prior to this I worked as an instructor in an outdoor and adventure centre and then in the P.E. department of a residential school for young people with autism and learning disabilities. This background means that I have very good communication skills, can work well with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and am able to quickly put people at ease. All of which helps me create better photos because we are having fun. 

Outside of photography my interests include. Food (both cooking and eating). People (meeting and hanging out with). Cars (driving, talking about and spending way too much time on the internet reading about). Walking (of which there is plenty to be done here in Scotland). I also own a bike but to call myself a cyclist would probably be going a bit far, so I won't.